The Foundation Charity Gala Patron’s Party

Beth Koffman & Frank McMeen

Beth Koffman & Frank McMeen

Story & Photography by Woody Woodard

The champagne glasses were chilled on the outdoor table as guests entered the grounds of Oakmont estate. Students in tuxedos were there to assist the ladies. Matt was playing the grand piano in the atrium as guests entered the elegant home. And Christos Garkinos returned this year with his popular California clothing to the delight of the female guests.

In the kitchen were delicious appetizers, and the glazed, crisp bacon in the library and bar was a crowd-pleaser.

A large buffet was set up in the formal dining room where guests warmly greeted each other.

Each year for several years Jim Norton and Robert Walden graciously open their Oakmont home for the annual Patrons Party. Cheers to the marvelous hosts and to Frank McMeen and the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation for a delightful evening!