Starlight Symphony

The Jackson Symphony

The Jackson Symphony

Story & Photography by Woody Woodard.

On an amazingly beautiful night at First Presbyterian Church, the Jackson Symphony Orchestra played classical and blockbuster movie theme music to the roaring crowd. Everyone brought their picnic baskets to sit and eat while listening to the best free concert in Jackson. The concert built up to the anticipated “1812 Overture” and real historic cannon fire. It was rumored there were 3,000–4,000 in attendance as the grounds were covered from Highland up to the stage and side areas.

Conductor Peter Shannon and our dedicated orchestra members provided a wonderful evening showcasing the level of talent that the membership has attained.  Add the carillon, played by Kathleen Huneycutt and Cody Miller, with the Memorial Hall backdrop, and the concertgoers were transported to the beautiful world of music.

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