WRAP Denim & Pearls

Mary Adkerson

Mary Adkerson

Story & Photography by Woody Woodard

WRAP is a 24-hour crisis line for domestic and sexual abuse, transportation to a Safe House (shelter, food, clothing) with Individual Counseling, support groups, Court Accompanies, Education program, Financial Assistance and Advocacy Referrals to save lives. Twenty counties are served by Jackson’s WRAP association at 512 Roland Avenue. Nordstar Medical was the proud sponsor of the 7th Annual Denim and Pearls event.

When supporters entered the Civic Center, they immediately looked at the entrance walkway. It was lined with 25-foot tall bamboo on each side, reflected in the 40-foot parallel ponds filled with water lilies and gold fish. The lower hallway was also lined with bamboo. At the tables was a centerpiece goldfish in a unique bowl, with greenery and hidden light. The ceiling view was filled with Japanese lanterns with individual lighting. Your mood was imprinted when you viewed the menu. Jill Wade, Executive Director, was excited when Clark & Brooks Shaw launched their new catering under the name “Provisions Catering Co.” The meals are catered to the event themes, which on this night was a Far Eastern journey of Asian unique foods.

Survivor Mary Adkerson, gave a testimony of early childhood abuse until her teen years by her dad. Later in life she was beaten to the point of death with most of her face broken and saved by her referral to the WRAP hotline. How she survived is a miracle, but she did with the in-depth support system of WRAP. She found people who actually loved her and guided her to see herself a worthy human being, one with a positive, fulfilling life. WRAP takes victims and shows them the way to a positive life for their future.
For more information on WRAP call 731-668-0411 or 800-273-8712 (Hotline).