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The Star Center Presents Henry Winkler

Dave Bratcher & Henry Winkler

Story & Photography by Woody Woodard

If you want to talk about or meet the consummate professional gentleman, then Henry Winkler is the person to meet. Henry strolled into the Tennessee Room for the meet and greet, shaking hands and being so very congenial. He would stroll up to someone wanting his picture and pull someone into the picture with him.

When Henry came out on stage, he expressed the horrible childhood and period of youth that was filled with disrespect and ridicule. He was constantly in trouble and didn’t understand why he didn’t fit in anywhere. Even at home he was called “dumb dog” in German. After becoming successful on the show “Happy Days” he married and had a son with a disability. The doctor said his son was dyslexic. Then Henry knew he had struggled with dyslexia in his youth. Medical knowledge of these types of issues have helped many people have a more normal life. The Star Center is about helping people understand their issues and offer remedies to help them cope with their life walk.