Unitas: An Evening with Peyton Manning

Scott & Nikki Conger

Scott & Nikki Conger

Story & Photography by Woody Woodard

The 2016 United Way “Unitas” event featuring Peyton Manning was held at the Civic Center on July 29th. Manning was welcomed with a packed house and an eager audience. He spoke to the audience about hard work, dedication and never giving anything less than your best to any endeavor you decide to accomplish.

It was an honor for the Jackson community to have the opportunity to hear a lecture from an individual who is recognized as the pinnacle of success for their trade. The audience was fully engaged in Manning message.

“When I had neck surgery and knew I was off the field for nearly a year, I didn’t quit," said Manning. "I did my therapy as required, studied the play films consistently and walked the sidelines as an encourager. When I was able to practice, it was with dedication and perseverance.”

Because Manning worked so hard as an injured player to recover, it instilled in his teammates to work harder and not let their quarterback fail due to their work ethic. When a team works as one, there isn’t anything that can’t be achieved! The quality of character Manning revealed about himself during his speech and the Q&A were unforgettable.